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The Bloom brand

The Bloom brand

The Bloom brand is a vape brand we can attest to! We love Bloom! They have made a selection of products that taste and feel unique! They have been around since 2014 and made extracts based on scientifically enhanced methods. We have heard from around the town that the feeling their extracts give is paralleled to smoking flower with a kick in taste. So if you like flower but are not sure of vapes or how they make you feel, give Bloom a try. 🙂

The new incense that just swirled past your nose, in and around the Los Angeles area is not the usual throat stinging snap of burning weeds. instead it’s the lush and intellectually stimulating aromatics of freshly crushed fine herbs and exotic flowers and spices. Just coming into nasal view are bursts of juicy and sweet tropical fruits, tangles of caramelized nut meats and candied orange zests dancing elegantly up your nose. What these micro-gusts of quickly dissipating memory stimulating fragrances represent is the new way to enjoy cannabis. This modern technique is delivered ‘sans flame’ and completely without the often-acerbic smoke that, quite frankly, doesn’t appeal to everyone. There is a slight vapor cloud, but that dissipates very quickly into the atmosphere. The Bloom Brand has created deep scientific methodology to harness a safe and non-confrontational application of their proprietary, pure cannabis oil within your daily wellness routine. The Bloom Brand cannabis oil cartridges, micro-cannabis pens and fully-activated, pure extracted oils are market changing products. And not only because of their purity and lush aromatics. They utilize solely 100% Californian grown cannabis in their production, produced by their own methodology and high value production techniques. Each one is carefully designed to fully capture their easy-going, youthful and healthy Californian lifestyle.

Skywalker (serious fun)

Photo Courtesy: The Bloom Brand

The Bloom Brand product designs are all curves and come shown in a very Californian style of color and flash. Each carefully curated experience offers deep conversation and a touch of humor too! Their ultra high end, proprietary machinery, manufactured by their CAPNA Fabrication division, creates their own self-prepared oils, each expression of the utmost quality come dispensed in three unique and creatively designed delivery systems. Their elegant and stealthy Bloom One is a modern styled, hand held device of elegant proportions. A true joy to hold in your fingers, it comes non-antagonistically sized, about two inches long at the most and is finished in a light cream colored recyclable format. Each Bloom One comes filled with a generous portion of their single varietal cannabis oils. They even have a little red light on the tip that lights up when you inhale, smart! When this tip flashes red rapidly, just recycle it! Their traditional 510-style cartridge, (just screw it onto an easily rechargeable battery), pulls deep and true from your first puff to the very last one. Each inhalation is a celebration of fresh fruit flavors and aromas. Each cartridge also come strain specific. That means if you are fond of the feeling you get from Grand Daddy Purple, the oil that bears the famous name, your experience will be true to the experience you get from the flower. However this method comes in a smoke-free format. The Bloom Brands also manufactures a drop by ever so precious drop- syringe- like device to finely meter their fully activated cannabis oils onto just about anything. May we suggest dribbling some of this rare liquid onto a crunchy French bread Tartine, smeared with a tablespoon of Little Scarlet Jam? A buzzy, hand-held, healing treat, indeed!

Pure Flavors

Photo Credit: The Bloom Brand

Cannabis has suddenly become all grown up, with the negative image of the stoner lifestyle, firmly dispelled to another era! Utilizing their intriguing Bloom One, or any of their candidly artistic delivery systems can be a significantly memorable experience. Each puff offers gourmet cannabis strain specific effects, dispensed effortlessly, with a few mere inhales!

The Bloom Brand utilizes the very best strains of elevated, craft cannabis in their products. Each proprietary invention offers exquisite cannabis oils, literally gushing with orchard-to-table flavors captures the purity of their Terpene-driven aromatics. Each drop is created using their own hand-built, proprietary machinery and food-grade ethanol- no artificial thinning agents, (thank you), glycol or highly explosive butane here! To produce excellence it takes studied persistence, time and care. To make cannabis oils as expressive as The Bloom Brand this watchfulness must be constantly applied to extract a non-manipulated, concentrated liquid with real terroir (the taste of the place, as in wine). Essential of course, are the finest California-grown raw materials. The cannabis, massaged with abundant sunshine will produce highly technical oils. Each metered puff comes gushing with their own, natural communicative terpenes. Terpenes are the essence of cannabis. They are the deeply fragrant oils that make up the plethora of aromatics in the herb. Terpenes have been shown to give each strain of cannabis its own individuality and healing benefits.

The Bloom Brand represents the exemplification and the highest quality for their craft. They are truly at the top of the house. If only the rest of the Cannabis extract industry would follow their lead?

The Bloom Brand are most famous for their all natural, intellectually stimulating cannabis oils.

Each carefully engineered drop of their precious proprietary oils offers excellence, significance and transparency to every methodically metered puff. And each puff is fun, they might even make you smile! Bloom Brands have exemplified their own entrepreneurial excellence in their tangible desire the offer the highest quality, every single time. Their youth driven, silo-free culture drives The Bloom Brand. Their leaders are exuberant and young entrepreneurs. They are leading the way of the future in this highly entrepreneurial genre of the cannabis industry. The youthful leaders at The Bloom Brand are reinventing the cannabis flavor wheel in their own image, that of unpretentious, simplicity and the greatest quality available at a reasonable price. What they have achieved in a very short period of time of being entrepreneurs, needs to be celebrated by all those who have yet to take that massive risk of going into a less than tried-and-true business model. The high-tech technology that produces their extracts is their own creation and their own fame. The art and science of extraction, exists hand-in-hand with wellness and being themselves. CAPNA is the name of their division that builds the very finest cannabis-oil extraction apparatus that money can buy. Every drop that goes into their oil cartridges has been generated using their own proprietary equipment, so they control every single deeply technical step of manufacture.

where the magic happens

Warren Bobrow: iPhone X

According to their website: “We engineer premium cannabis oil concentrate meant to enrich life’s highest moments.”

Nothing could be truer in mere words over the experience of enjoyment. The experience of partaking in The Bloom Brand’s will truly make you, hungry, thirsty and stimulate your imagination. One California-styled, laid-back puff at a time.

Bloom Strain Accordion

Bloom Fact Sheet

Bloom Brand Story Postcard Landscape

Bloom Brand Story Postcard Landscape

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