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West Coast Cure

West Coast Cure is a premium cannabis brand California! They have all sorts of products like, flower, vapes, pre-rolls. They offer a good buzz. They have a variety of extracts where they place their focus on. Winner of the cannabis cup, West Coast Cure is a brand you can trust. They have a variety of extracts such as diamonds, live resin sauce, live resin batter! Check them out in our product selection today!

We are nonconformists who have been loyal to cannabis since the prohibition days. For decades, we have been hunting and hand-selecting the gassiest strains while fostering relationships with cultivators and innovative wax artists. Winning the first NorCal Cannabis Cup for Concentrates in 2012 was the crowning moment for our brand’s vision.

We aren’t new market entrants who joined the game after 2018 to make inferior products without a heart. We are West Coast Cure, the hardcore OGs who bring you crazy fire weed.

West Coast Cure is known for premium quality products that heighten the OG lifestyle. Working with proven cultivators who pay equal attention to the harvesting and curing stages, we bring you top-shelf flower that’s all about ultra-visible, super sticky trichomes loaded with terps you can’t wait to smoke, and an amazing out-of-this-world high we’ve always been known for.


Live Resin Sugar is extracted from fresh frozen flower that is harvested at its peak. Loaded with cannabinoids and delicious terpenes, you will love the dryer consistency which makes it easy to dab straight up or add to a bowl of flower to enhance your high.


Our Live Resin extract is slowly and continuously whipped at 84 degrees until a cake badder consistency is reached. This process creates a uniform matrix between the terpenes and THC-rich crystalline that ultimately gives it the moist appearance. This consistency is a clean and easy format to dab with any smoking apparatus.


Live Resin Sauce is popular given its strong aroma and flavor which delivers a different and more complex experience. Over a period of 4-6 weeks, THCa crystalline starts to crash while solvent is slowly removed. High Terpene Extract (HTE) from the same strain is then reintroduced to give it the aroma-packed smell when you pop the lid off the jar.


Our signature crystalized Diamonds are formed after being capped under 12-15 psi of pressure and 80 degrees for 12 weeks. Loaded with THCA, it offers the elevated dabbers the purest form of cannabis concentrate available on the market today.


Extracted with ice water and pressed between low heated plates, our Live Rosin Fresh Press is our highest-grade extract with terpenes locked in until you heat it to your ideal temperature. Allowing this rosin to badder under cold temperatures creates the shelf stable dab-friendly Live Rosin Cold Cure products that our fans within the 710 community rave about.