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Pilgrim Soul

Pilgrim Soul

Are you a creative person? We have just what you need! The Pilgrim soul brand has distinguished itself to become a leading company in manufacturing cannabis curated for creativity. Often mixing specific creativity inducing strains into one cart to get your grey cells moving!
We chose this company because their values align with ours, and quite frankly creativity is where it all begins in life! With each purchase of their vapes you get a FREE creativity journal to guide you in this unguided path…

Here is a description about what Pilgrim Souls creators intend to do:


Our mission is to help people enhance their creative thinking to gain a competitive edge in life and work.

Our articles, journals, and cannabis products are designed to increase your creativity and build more productive habits.

Throughout our content, we reveal misconceptions about creativity, annoying aspects of the mind that lead us to repress creative thinking, creative hacks, and the research that can help you change the way you think about thinking.

Everything we do is about helping you to successfully incorporate specific creative thinking techniques into your life and work.

Helping you to reinvent, experiment, grow, take risks, break rules, make productive mistakes, and have fun.

¬†Creativity is not just for artists. It’s for business people looking for a new way to close a sale; it’s for engineers trying to solve a problem; it’s for parents who want their children to see the world in more than one way.

– Twyla Tharp, Author, Choreographer, Creative Thinker


Shawn is the creator of the best-selling Pilgrim Soul Creative Thinking Journal. He lives his life with the notion that where there is an open mind, there is always a frontier – that everything we’ve learned is not necessarily an answer but precedence – a jumping-off point for new ideas and perspectives. Professionally, he uses creative flow for empathetic understanding, hyper-focus, imagination, and idea generation. He developed advertising campaigns for some of America’s best-known brands, wrote relationship advice columns for top women’s magazines, created several books on laughing and learning about love, relationship, and family, and led marketing for some of Americas’ most popular news, entertainment, and social networking websites.



In 2021, Pilgrim Soul released a line of Live Resin Vape Pens¬†featuring exclusive blends of the most dynamic creative strains, available at top cannabis retailers in California including MedMen and Sweet Flower. In partnership with the scientists at AbstraxLabs, Pilgrim Soul analyzed 100+ cannabis strains that index high for creativity, along with secondary and tertiary states of mind. After identifying each strain’s common cannabinoid and terpene profiles, they developed a matrix to blend select strains to enhance a particular type of creative thinking, including Creative Awareness, Creative Imagination, Creative Focus, and Creative Reflection.

“Pilgrim Soul has a unique focus and business approach that will allow them to create, define and lead a new category in the cannabis industry,” said Mitchell Baruchowitz, CEO of Merida Capital Holdings. “Their commitment to helping people live better lives through creativity is aligned with our commitment to back meaningful brands and disruptive products.”

Pilgrim Soul Founder and CEO, Shawn Gold, has led an accomplished career in developing culturally influential brands through performance marketing, subscription, social media and content development. He has held CMO roles at Lowell Herb Co., MySpace, Engadget, subscription fashion leader TechStyle, an

d created digital communications strategies for brands at P&G, General Mills, Nestle and Mattel.

“Through my previous experiences at Stanley Bros, MedMen and Lowell Herb Co., it became clear that the next wave of cannabis brands will be vertically focused, mission-driven, and built around a strong belief system where the cannabis itself is just a portion of the total brand package,” said Shawn Gold, Pilgrim Soul Founder and CEO. “For Pilgrim Soul, it’s about helping people unlock their innate creativity through exclusive cannabis blends paired with a creative curriculum, community-driven programs and expert content via”

At the core of Pilgrim Soul’s mission is the brand’s ongoing artist endowment initiative that enlists artists from under-resourced communities to design the original artwork on each vape pen and its packaging. Most recently, Pilgrim Soul collaborated with comedy legend Martin Lawrence on a limited edition version of their best-selling creative thinking journal featuring abstract cover art designed by D.C. artist Clarence James, inspired by Black culture, street art, underground youth culture and hip hop music.

To learn more about Pilgrim Soul, please visit

Here is a catalogue of their products.

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